In memory of Ann Coldham

Ann moved permanently to the Dyfi valley with her husband Peter in 1983, having spent many happy holidays here with her family throughout most of her life. A sociable and fun loving lady, she immersed herself in many clubs and activities, most significantly, the Aberdyfi Art Society, where she quickly made a huge contribution both as a talented exhibitor and a member of the society's committee.

Having supported her son, Nick, in his own ambitions to follow his career in art and design, she was delighted when he moved to Wales in 2007 - shortly after she was widowed - and they were able to share many happy hours painting together. Family was always important to her, and she took great pleasure in spending time with her two sons and their families, watching her two grand daughters grow up.

In 2010, following early signs of memory loss and confusion she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. This was a difficult time for her, struggling to face up to the prospects of such a cruel and frightening illness, and although her treatment started, her condition continued to worsen. By 2012 she needed to move out of her beloved home in Cwrt into a small house in Tywyn so that daily carers could manage her needs such as cooking and drug therapy.

She manged for a few years, enjoying some independence but relying more heavily on the support of friends and family. However, the relentless deterioration of her disease began to raise concern - her confusion was leading her to wander out of her home at night. As a result, the difficult decision was made for her to move into a home - Llys Cadfan in Tywyn.

Here, she made new friends (and met up with old ones) although her fading memories didn't always manage to keep up. Happily participating in the many activities the staff arranged, she always retained her sense of humour and dignity, and was well loved by those who got to know her.

An unfortunate accident due to her increased unsteadiness in early 2015 resulted in her breaking a hip, requiring a lengthy hospital stay. This was followed 6 months later with a 2nd hip fracture. Now pretty much bed bound, she needed a much higher level of daily care and so moved from hospital to the Alexandra Nursing Home in Tywyn in October of that year. However, the progress of her illness and her increased frailty finally caught up with her, and she passed away peacefully 2 months later.

Alzheimer's Society

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Alzheimer's Society

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Waterfall, by Ann Coldham

'Waterfall' by Ann Coldham

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