Mihangel Jones 1940 - 2018

Mihangel grew up on a Welsh mountain farm before moving to London to attend Art College for 6 years. After graduating he worked for many years as a freelance illustrator and painter, gaining an international reputation in the area of books and magazine illustration, packaging, advertising and large posters for hoardings.

He went on to establish his own company designing and producing modern textiles and became involved in higher education, heading up to a BA Honours course in illustration.

On returning to Wales, Mihangel set about converting a C16th farmhouse into a home and studio for himself, four cats and several hundred canvases. From here he continued to paint despite a long period of illness and has exhibited extensively throughout Wales. Mihangel's work is both subjective and conceptual in nature and expressed through a variety of media such as vivid pastels and oils.

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