Sheena McCurrach

Sheena McCurrach has been painting for most of her life. She is daily inspired by nature, especially the form and colours of winter trees and fields, and the skies. Her home is now an old medieval farmhouse in the depths of rural mid-Wales. She spent most of her adult life in Scotland, firstly in the Highlands and latterly in Galloway in the South West of the country. Now she begins a new chapter here in Wales. The landscape is one of rolling hills and ancient oak woodland, interspersed by gentle green valleys and rivers. Barn owls live near the house and she has seen them hunting at dusk. The place seems tucked away and is very quiet and full of promise as far as painting goes.

Hand in hand with exploring the landscape, she has also begun work of the garden and has discovered many hidden treasures, camellias, winter flowering cherries, the dappled foliage of cyclamen coum, and a hidden water source – all indicating the loving hand of a gardener many years ago. She must clear and free up with care to let in the light once more and plant new things to enhance what is already here and encourage vigour and growth, and she has already set-up feeding stations and nest-boxes to encourage the birds. Already there are many more coming into the garden – and squirrels,too.

Sheena’s new studio is now being set-up and made ready for serious work. It is full of light and with its own charming Victorian fireplace to keep warm on colder days. Paints and materials have all been unpacked and sorted after the move! She has made a start with sketches and preparation for a study of the ancient oak trees that surround the house and the kites that wheel and dive above the fields, riding the wind on blustery days. There is much to look forward to here.

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Email: info@sheenamccurrach.co.uk

Website: www.sheenamccurrach.co.uk

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