Sent By the Sea
by Gaynor Morgan

Beachcombing appeals to everyone- the ancient gatherer in us all. There is great joy to be had in spotting a beautiful shell or a jewel of emerald sea-glass glistening at the water’s edge or a rare blue piece caught in a rocky pool - weathered by the sea and its tides. Sea glass is the beautiful result of the force of the ocean currents.

Sea-glass has both nostalgia and romance - it could be hundreds of years old, such as Pirate glass which was thick glass used to preserve alcohol on ships in bygone days. It looks black when on the beach, but when lit with a torch other jewel colours show themselves - green, orange purple - all depending on which chemical was used in the glass to preserve the rum! It may have been discarded waste from long gone glass industries. It may, of course, be much more recent but either way it has already had a life and a purpose before it is sent to our shores where it can be useful and beautiful all over again. It is somehow relaxing to collect it, and the back breaking bending and icy fingers are worth it.

Gaynor works locally in health care and finds that creating with sea-glass is a complete beautiful contrast. The collecting started on the Isle of Jura three years ago, but most of her creations, cards and pictures are made with sea glass, sea worn pottery, pebbles, shells and driftwood from Welsh beaches. Searching for the right piece for a picture is both calming and mindful.

Gaynor is always trying new card designs, pictures and windchimes and would be happy to make a bespoke picture or a variation on a picture or card that she has for sale. It is always a pleasure and a thrill to be able to give a personalised picture or card to celebrate a special occasion such as the birth of a child, a wedding, or a special birthday. Not everything lends itself to being represented in sea-glass, but if you have something you would like her to try, just contact Gaynor via Artworks in Aberdyfi.

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