Rose Woodland

For Rose, Art and Animals have always gone together. Her first drawing lesson at the age of 6, given by her elder sister, was on how to draw a horse's head, and her O level piece was of a prize bull. She spent school holidays, weekends and her first few years after leaving school working at Woburn Wild Animal Kingdom and then Plymouth Zoo. This provided inspiration for more exotic species, and any quiet moments she would spend drawing tigers, lions and giraffes using pencil, ink or biro.

The onset of a job as a systems auditor, a computer auditor, then as a software specialist, led to a thirty five year gap in artistic output. However, following retirement she took the opportunity to take up art once more.

Her work now is mainly focused on painting with acrylics. She especially loves the challenge of combining realistic animal portraits with the fantastical landscapes produced by acrylic pouring techniques. For the future, Rose plans to explore many more media and techniques, and hopefully put her own interpretation on whatever she learns.

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Website: www.rosewoodland.co.uk

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