Cathy Apples

“Singing the Songs that live within our hearts can lead us to some very interesting places."

It is to the glorious green verdant mountains of Snowdonia, amongst the crystal clear rivers and rolling valleys that Cathy came home in her 40's. Here she lives quietly with her gentle Australian Artist partner and walking stick creator, Giovanni Mele, and their playful, handsome, kind rescue Labrador Sam (also known as baby dog).

Home for them is Cathy's great grandmother's cottage in the Snowdonia National Park. A special sense of place and rootedness is strong for her here.

"I am a community herbalist and my life is spent being as still as possible to hear the extraordinary voice of the natural world. The real world - the soil under my feet, the fresh air filling my lungs, the plants, trees and flowers filling my senses and body. This is where my inspiration and connection to what I create flows from."

Cathy lives partly within the tradition of the hermit here but she also spends much time working with plants and herbs in Ireland.

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