Lisa Osborne

Lisa is a self-taught artist who uses the natural environment to inspire her artwork, in particular, the coastline.

Lisa has always loved the sea and the coast and its ever changing environment and her work often reflects this, exploring the colours and the atmosphere of coastal environments.

She works in a variety of media, but more recently Lisa has been using digital illustration to depict the interaction of humans and how they use the landscape in which they live. These landscapes include rural and urban, from beaches to gardens to streets.

Animals and plants also feature in her art. At an early age Lisa would tramp across marshes and through woodland, and this love of the outdoors and the wildlife within it has never left her.

Lisa enjoys drawing and painting plants, animals and insects, sometimes spending hours photographing them, much to the frustration of her family!

When she's not painting, Lisa enjoys walking and cycling in the Welsh hills.

Contact Lisa

Website: losborne.co.uk

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