Cynefin - "familiarity, habitat, a sense of rootedness, a place to belong. The way the landscape is perceived and coloured by its history, by the people who lived there"

Cynefin hand-makes unique pieces from local timber, combining natural materials sourced from the varied landscapes of Snowdonia, sometimes with metals that in the past have traditionally been mined here in the Welsh mountains. They include a variety of materials within their pieces such as wood, slate, copper and nickel.

The creative team behind Cynefin has lived in Snowdonia for several generations. Always appreciating the beauty within the details of their natural surroundings during long walks in and around the national park, they are delighted to now bring this new collection of woodwork reflecting our love of our 'home' to ArtWorks.

Each Cynefin piece is a treasure to keep wherever you go. A reminder of here.

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