Hapus Stained Glass
by Emma Garfield

Emma’s stained glass journey began when she was studying art and teacher training at university. In return for volunteering in a stained glass workshop she learnt how to make stained glass panels using traditional hand building skills and tools.

Emma’s glass designs reflect the joy she feels in the seasons and the natural world around her. She feels blessed to live and work in Aberdyfi and finds this area of Wales inspirational, having both wild mountain and sea environments and a special coastal light.

Each piece of glass is selected for its colour, ripples, bubbles and swirls. Put together, these elements create unique reflections which bounce light around a room. To create her smaller decorative pieces the glass is cut by hand; copper foil and solder are applied and finally the glass piece is polished. Traditional lead is used to construct larger panels and windows.

Emma named her business ‘Hapus’ meaning ‘happy’ in Welsh, which is how Emma feels when she is scoring the glass in her studio, capturing the light and the season in coloured glass.

If you would like to discuss commissioning your own bespoke piece of contemporary, stained glass (large or small) contact Emma through Artworks Aberdyfi or @ Hapus Stained Glass on Facebook & Instagram.

Contact Emma
Email: Please contact via ArtWorks
Facebook: Hapus Stained Glass
Instagram: @hapusstainedglass

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