Wendy Murphy

Born in Farnborough, Kent in 1956 and now living in Gwynedd, Wales, Wendy is an award winning artist with over thirty years experience. She has twice won the first prize for Britain in the Laing Landscape Painting competition; been twice first prize winner in the 'Welsh Open' for MOMA Wales, and been runner up in the Sunday Times Watercolour competition. She exhibits her work throughout Wales and the UK.

"When I was in my late twenties I lost all my senses and decided to make the transition from being a 'normal' person (or civilian), in order to join the ranks of weirdos and become an artist..." Are you a civilian that has ever been in the unfortunate position of having brushed shoulders with an artist (amateur or otherwise)? Do you have a picture on any of your walls at home? Have you ever looked at a painting and thought "Blimey, my three year old could have done that?" Are you an artist yourself - in any way, shape or form? If the answer to any one of these questions is yes, then you need to read this funny, anecdotal, but insightful and acerbic account of one artist's journey as a painter. Afterwards you will never again utter those magic words "HOW LONG DID IT TAKE?"

With over 25 years teaching experience, Wendy Murphy has written this sharp and witty book, which encompasses her journey from living a safe but predictable life as a 'civilian', as she moves into the risky, uncharted waters of the art world, recounting some of the experiences she has had along the way and providing insight into the sometimes prejudicial and cliched attitudes held by many about the life of the artist. Fellow artists would undoubtedly find this book entertaining to read, but it is also a must for civilians.

How Long Did It Take £8.99
Also available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions.

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